Friday, February 1, 2008

the above link is a little project I am working on. I wanted to try and animate an enviropnment in Flash. This is my first attempt. I am sure I will add more in the future. I hope you enjoy.


Bryan Wynia said...

Looking nice Jeff, can't wait to see more.

Joe Karg said...

Really pretty dude. I love the marks on that tree to the left. Very Cool.


Jeff said...

Very interesting work for Flash. I'm digging it.

The river looks a little odd. Like it's growing in size rather than you the viewer walking towards it.

The Monday drawing stuff is sick man. Keep up the good work.

EL GRANDE said...

Way to go Jeff. I had no idea you were this good. Ja Ja Ja:)


Chris Bivins said...

Its looks really good Jeff. Those CJ skills came in handy huh? Lol


Jason Barnes said...

daaaaaaaaaamn, i love the style of those trees!! the colors are really awesome too